Crane technical requirements overview

1, place of installation does not exceed 2000 meters above sea level, more than 1000 meters to check your motor size.

2 non-working cranes, outdoor use Chengdu state maximum pressure 800PA.

3, power supply requirements for three-phase AC, frequency 50HZ, voltage 380V, electric motors and appliances rated voltage is the maximum allowable voltage dip +10%; lower limits (peak current) for rated voltage of-15%.

4, lifting goods to Chengdu crane radiation temperature does not exceed 400 degrees Celsius.

5, the work environment must not have flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

Second, the use of performance

1, the Chengdu crane, hook, and when increased levels of work for the M4, M5, M6, and the rated speed is equal to or higher than 5M/MIN require smooth braking, braking approach should be adopted, protection in 0.2~1.0 falls within the rated load, braking the motor speed below synchronous speed before 1/3, the speed should be stable to run.

2, the Chengdu crane, hook, lifting decrease braking distances when braking (controller in fall lowest stable after back to zero, from brake off to stop falling distance of goods) should be less than 1 minute steady lifting distance of 1/65.

3, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu should be rated lifting capacity of the crane lifting capacity.

4, magnetic Chuck capacity shall be not less than the rated value.

5, Chengdu crane with double trolley, two car operation of the same institution should be linked, or element.

third, the selection of electrical equipment

1, electrical products to have production licenses or model permits or Chengdu crane, can meet the requirements of the product.

2, other electrical equipment and components should use Chengdu crane dedicated or Chengdu crane, can meet the requirements of the product.

3 sets of resistors, Chengdu crane suitable for standard products, such as special needs, also designed by the factory, but must conform to the requirements in GB3811-2008.

4, Chengdu hoist electric control equipment standards should be adopted.

5, general control system for AC drive communication, in case of frequent use or poor working conditions, DC drive control system should be adopted.

SI, voltage loss

1: voltage loss of AC power, at the time of peak current, since the bus to crane in Chengdu at the end of any of the power supply transformer a voltage across the motor terminals 15% of loss is less than the rated voltage.

internal voltage loss calculation of crane 2, Chengdu

detailed calculations refer to blog of the Chengdu crane electrical calculations

five, the requirements of electrical equipment

1, solid electrical equipment should be installed, in the course of work, should not be moved horizontally and vertically relative to the host beating, vertically mounted control cabinets, screens, its squareness is less than 12 per thousand, mounting area the highest vibration conditions: when 5~13HZ, when the displacement is 1.5MM;13~50HZ, the vibration acceleration for 10M/S2.

2, installation in the electrical laboratory electrical equipment, protection degree IP00, but should have appropriate protective measures.

resistors up to the 3, 4 boxes can be stacked directly loaded, 5 box and the boxes stacked when loading, should consider the distance between the reinforcement measures and requested the box is larger than 80MM, spacing is too small to reduce capacity or to take other measures to

4, the installation in various parts of the electrical equipment should be convenient and safe maintenance. On the indoor electrical and electrical equipment should be left above 600MM channel, special cases allowed to decrease, but should not be less than 500MM.

5, Chengdu, using cranes indoors, installed on the bridge of the electrical equipment should not be exposed live parts, the minimum protection degree IP10. Outside Chengdu, using cranes, the protection of electrical equipment installed on the exposed places, the level of protection provided by enclosures should not lower than IP33, protection in sheltered places, their level of protection provided by enclosures can be reduced. Spot welding machine

6, Chengdu, crane, trolley-fed devices exposed live parts and metal structure of minimum distance should be greater than 30MM, Chengdu, crane operation may arise when shaking, the amount should be greater than the maximum amount of shaking and 30MM/

six, other technical requirements


Chengdu cranes working at high temperatures for a long time, its cab insulation measures should be taken. Electric control device required cooling, indoor fan should be installed driver and power outlet.

according to environmental conditions and user requirements during the second set heating equipment, protection should be fixed is not luminous heaters, electric heaters should be used for three-phase power supply.

in special circumstances and conditions (such as outdoor, hot, and humid tropical, dry tropical, hazardous media, corrosive medium) Chengdu, using cranes and electrical equipment, design and selection should meet the requirements

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