Last night, this morning, a third cross also began a comprehensive lifting of box girder construction

Last night, this morning, a third span box beam began to full erection. EPC2 half ring section of the second ring road, Chengdu construction engineering group said that in the middle of this month, they will also lift installed and two of the three span adjacent cross, forming five-span box-girder construction complete, "show in front of the public is 150 m long section of the second ring road viaduct take shape. "
Reporters saw yesterday afternoon at the construction site, workers are on the side of the pier for final testing and preparation, preparation for the night the third span box beam hoisting. Completed two-span of box girder lifting and stand there, and looked very impressive. Chengdu construction engineering firms, according to the Party Secretary, Wang Xiang, General Manager, introduced, the second span box girder erection work, once upon a time day and night 11:40, successfully lifting to 3:10 yesterday, "compared with the first-day box beam hoisting, we save about half an hour's time. Arrangements of the Organization, and we have very much at home. "
"In the third after the installation is complete, this month we will also make two box girder erection. "Once in the middle of this month, adjacent to the complete lifting of three-span box beam two-span box girder lifting, thus forming a joint framework of the five-span viaduct more than 150 square meters in total. Second place, Chengdu TV station to the Lido junction near BRT bus rapid transit for box girder of ramp bridge of lifting, 4 across, "owing to the ramp box girders, the lifting is basically to finish all in one night. "
7-bit bridge seminar 6 programme of interchange and lift North Interchange, sheep West Interchange, shuangnan interchange, National Chiao Tung University interchange, interchange, Qingshui River Bridge on the red floor, 6 are in the second ring road overpass bridge approach will be carried out in the transformation of integral lifting construction. With construction of near, recently, II loop transformation engineering design supervision units, and Southwest National Chiao Tung University (civil engineering design limited please to money permanent, and Li yadong, and Zheng Kaifeng, and Pu Qian Hui, and Fan Wenli, and Tang Jishun, and he Wei 7 bit Southwest Jiaotong University bridge experts, on 6 seat overpass top rose design programme for special research, from professional angle analysis bridge top rose design programme of scientific, and security, let design programme more detailed, and more carefully, to guarantee bridge top rose of quality security.
This reporter has learned, and 6 bridges has been specializing in the early detection, which include appearance of bridge disease survey, nondestructive concrete strength survey, concrete bridges durability testing, linear measurement testing, bridge vibration detection. Test results show, 6 overpasses are in line with lift conditions.
After listening to bridge design scheme of lifting, the expert group considered that, whether from a global or domestic applications, bridge jacking is a mature technology and Chengdu this bridge jacking, quantities large and complex construction environment, safety and security is very important when lifting; lifting bridge is completed, to specialized quality inspection and acceptance of works. Professor Li yadong said, design fine, various technical parameters are also very specific, to note that in the original piers broken columns of security issues, needs the lift support systems ready. Professor Qian Yongjiu, lifting safety is first, to guarantee the safety of temporary facilities, to have a variety of preparations to respond to emergency situations. Said Professor Pu Qian Hui, second ring road construction environment is complex, taking into account vehicle crash, earthquake, fire and other preventive measures. Professor he Wei says, after bridge jacking, bridge slope change drainage system must be reformed. Unit says it will seriously take the experts ' opinion, to optimize the implementation plan to go further, make sure that the completed construction safety.
After early a time of construction, II loop East, and West half ring has has many Pier column up, in red floor to yongfeng overpass paragraph, and million up square, and construction road, points bit, completed pouring of Pier column increasingly more; coping, and box beam construction in all standard paragraph have into started stage, from next week up, will has more of coping completed pouring, more of box beam into lifting.
Shan Qiao's spectacular viaduct prototype early yesterday afternoon in the East second ring road Cedar bridge crossing to the Dong Xiu road junction, has completed the placement of the concrete pier at 6, while workers are another 2 piers to close the model. Further South, there are many piers ongoing reinforcement. From high above, these seven or eight meter high Guy lined up on the second ring road, a spectacular viaduct has loomed.
These have completed the concrete piers, were also wrapped in a layer of transparent protection film, construction workers are covered with water wheel alignment beam form converge with the pier at the cleaning job. "This is to maintain the pier of moisture. In accordance with construction requirements, each pier about 7 days after the placement is completed the maintenance period. "The road to bridge-building coordination department manager Li Chaoping, said section Pier column, capping beam, beam using the high performance concrete of water, very high standards for conservation, surfaces directly exposed, susceptible to dehydration and slight cracks appeared, affecting the appearance does not say, the quality and service life will be affected.
"At present, 6 completed Pier capping beam construction has started. "Li Chaoping, told reporters, meanwhile, is located outside the third ring road, long Tan Si Huo Shen precast factory has completed 80 of small precast box-girder, box girder transport, lifting plan is approved, is expected to only cover you begin the box girder erection.
Wanda Plaza, level Cap box girders ready before Wanda Plaza, South River House to bridge the first capping beam had completed reinforcement, construction workers are intense and orderly close lateral mode. "Through supervision and inspection station, after detection of the owner, is expected next week will be able to enter the concrete link. "South River House to the bridge project General Manager Liao Wei told reporters that the recent good weather for the second ring road" double-fast "project construction has created very good conditions, after Pier reinforcement of some time ago, check, the section on the concrete Pier column are three area simultaneously.
It is reported that the Dragon road, Wanda Plaza, all completed more than 90 pieces of small box girder precasting and box beam hoisting transport programme, programmes are approved. "To the Dragon road, Wanda Plaza area main pile, pile have already completed, in addition to the lateral part of the communications and power cables, pipelines to move to change has been basically completed. "Governor Luo Jinlong told reporters.
East road to dragon boat Lu Chang Yang k, workers also told reporters that the main line of the area have full access piers and bent CAP's construction phase, starting today, parallel ramps will also have 10 successive excavation of pile on, "now more than more than 200 construction workers are trying to work on the section, leaving more than 120 square root piles will be completed this month. "
Viaduct was fair-faced concrete structure above the ground "all piers, coping, box girder and other members of the public can be seen directly in the future of the ground segment, will be using a high technology content and high performance cast concrete. "Building a road to the bridge's Chief Engineer Yang Lei told reporters, the second ring road viaduct segments without coating, instead of using a fair-faced concrete forming, without tick gouge repair, viaduct segments will save paint, tile, paving stone, decorative engineering cost. "Clear water concrete ' face up ' deceptively simple, but very high quality requirements: the origin of raw materials must be unified, the block must be the color line, vibrating to uniformity, temperature does not fall below 15 ℃......"
Completed construction of fair-faced concrete with 7 days of curing time. Such high requirements of construction, the results did not disappoint, reporters saw the completion of fair-faced concrete Pier column axis of straight lines, smooth surface, smooth, like baby skin cylinder luster, can not find the clear bubble on the surface, color and shading.
From road to bridge-building engineering section Wang Xianjun, told reporters that Viaduct is divided into three parts, pile and pile-CAP is the Foundation, piers and coping is substructure, box girders and deck is superstructure, "Apart from the pile and pile-CAP and the remaining above-ground structure is fair-faced concrete. "
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