Plans to find a moving company from scratch, or find something sensitive do

Shanghai moving company many of the precautions, but is that what we're about, what attention, few go moving company presents what is the cause of the problem, if it is just another aspect, that is to say, if not, then we should how to guard against attacks of this idea.
Moving company employee in Shanghai currently has no fixed movers, we are all moving companies at random, in the event is not very elegant. In a moving company worker is very chaotic. I do remember once upon a time the worker has been moving the company, due to dissatisfaction with the boss, just came out today, and plans to find a moving company from scratch, or find something sensitive.
I remember once upon a of moved company industry people notification we, some into planning of moved company also better, has must of tourist, fame big business good, thus moved company on long time employment some Porter, like we zhiqian in Shanghai moved company work is this attitude, company in of Porter and vehicles are many, personnel is is fixed, such of moved company are not out what things.
There is also a small moving company is said to be planning, but they no longer hire porters, but will deliberately find a few people who know to do, working hours are fixed at a time looking for them to do it. Also has a personal run, they had no permanent Office and is posted a little note to pull live live, did not live to sit idle.
So I suggest those partners that are moving to Shanghai, you move around please see if it is on the right track of the moving company, moving company employees are not uniform clothing, and if not, then we should be selected carefully, avoid being cheated or temporarily found the company, can not be guaranteed. BACK
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