Protective devices and requirements for crane

Overload limiter, overload limiter is one way to prevent overloading crane overturning and prevent crane parts damaged by overload safety device, its role is: when you load rated lifting capacity of 90%, can send revealing an alarm signal. After setting the overload limiter should be based on the performance and accuracy of adjustment or calibration, when the rated capacity is exceeded, automatically cut off the lifting power and prohibition of alarm signals. GB6067-85 the requirements of the safety regulations for cranes, rated capacity greater than 20T of bridge crane should be loaded, 3~20T should be loaded; the tower crane lifting capacity is less than 25t.m should be installed.
Second, lifting moment limiter of cranes lifting moment limiter | Shanghai, is boom and trolley cranes are an important safety device, because the cranes must only lift a certain weight if overweight, the whole crane in danger of capsizing, you must set the limiter brake. On the tower crane, lifting and range of product must, lifting moment limiter and control platform and two parameters, enable their product to maintain a certain position, it is when the cranes when they exceed the rated lifting moment, first sends out an alarm signal, and then cut off the power supply, ensuring the crane stability. According to the requirements of the safety regulations for cranes, truck crane lifting capacity 16t should be loaded, is equal to or greater than 16t installed; the tower crane lifting capacity equal to or greater than 25t.m should be installed.
Limiter in the longitudinal vertical plane against Crane overload torque protection, protection cannot tilt hanging, wind, ground or track tilt or fall, walking wheel wheel crane overturning accident arising out of and related personnel must not be ignored because of the Torque limiter crane safety management and safety procedures.
Three, and rose limit location limit device this limit device of role is makes pulley in upgrade to away from winch device limit 300mm Qian Shi, can automatically cut rose of power, prevent pulley constantly rose over limit pulled broken wire rope of major accident, in conditions allows Xia, this a distance also can extended; for hydraulic up rose institutions should be occurred ban sex alarm signal, according to lifting mechanical security procedures requirements, power drive of crane must installed rose limit location limited bit device.
Four, run limit position limiter the limiter function is based on the Agency's process required for motor control. According to different purposes, can be divided into two end switch and safety switch. End switch to limit the work mechanism to run within a certain range, installed on a working trip in the end. Safety switch to protect the personal safety, suddenly started to prevent electric shock, compression, twisted rolls, malfunctions and other serious accident happens. In accordance with the provisions of the safety regulations for institutions, for the bridge and tower crane, in order to control the range, must be fitted with end limit switches, cranes at the end approaching the track can be automatically stopped. Track crane track ends should also be set up to prevent blocking to prevent cranes pulled out of the track.
Five, buffer buffer as an energy absorption device that can be used to reduce the crane and the crane or crane is hit with the end stop between the force of the collision, can also be used as end switch or brake energy-absorbing protective devices, crane and plant from damage arising excessive impact in order to extend the life of the crane. Buffers are often used in crane wagon, trolley mechanism, commonly used rubber, springs, hydraulic shock absorber. There are wooden and plastic bumpers.

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