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Move the roll method handling equipment

Under some circumstances, can be used for short-distance transportation of large equipment move the roll method. Roll shifting House handling refers to the equipment on the rollers, ranked below a certain number of rollers, rollers laid on the Board. Use of traction equipment for traction device along a certain path. Roll shifting moving slow, labor intensive, and after removal of roads needed according to carry the weight and pressure resistance of soil to lay down the aisle. Move roll handling applies only to a relatively small number of law handling of heavy equipment. Move the roll method handling can not only for horizontal handling equipment, can also be laid under the slopes of walkway from the device carried out to a lower, or from the lower half to the heights. Equipment wanted to roll downhill moves, also be equipped with a tackle of running control. In addition move the roll method handling, because Western medicine into the boards, rollers and down the aisle. Equipment lifting height is higher. Baan suan lifting company handling equipment technology today, move the roll method handling equipment have been gradually replaced by high-tech modern handling equipment technology. Compared to move the roll method for handling equipment this way, more scientific way of handling equipment and labor; safety and more.
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