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Lifting carry programmes and to determine

Lifting handling programme consists of three areas:
One, lifting the weight is determined by the conditions; equipment location where the center of gravity, and description method by determine; description of lifting equipment geometry.
Second, lifting material handling site layout. including the position of cranes, lifting route and tie handling and equipment landed at a specified location, secure location mark Si Suo command personnel.
Third, lifting and lashing and lifting equipment fitted. Description lifting points based on a choice, why this Method of Fastening, lifting device rated lifting weight weight lifting and handling equipment and how many allowances and the lifting height and scope of the operation.
Lifting handling scheme of:
Professional and technical personnel and skilled workers for initial programmes according to the actual situation may propose lifting handling programme; organized by the Technical Director to discuss related professional and technical staff and workers, determined through the analysis, comparison, and a practical best practices. For complex equipment lifting handling programmes should be integrated installation scenarios developed, arranged the order lifting the components should be aligned with the Setup program. Taking into account the crane can bear the weight of ground components, you will need to select a larger crane and reduce the combined weight of both pros and cons.
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