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Crane safety signs

Crane safety signs, is the expression of a specific security information.
Lifting operations, will encounter different conditions of the workplace, lifting all kinds of equipment. If you aren't familiar with safety signs. Don't know what workplace and lifting equipment unsafe, it may cause injury in the job. For example, mobile cranes for field work out when there is attention to underground may cause collapse; danger of lifting equipment in prohibited places locations can cause explosion; operators across banned across roads and causing casualties. Therefore, lifting operations personnel are familiar with and master the safety sign to guarantee lifting operation safety, accident prevention is extremely important.
Safety marks consisting of signs is a safe color, geometry and graphics, used to express specific safety information. In the bottom of the safety signs (or next to), textual description, as a supplement to safety sign signs.
National security has red, blue, yellow and green 4 colors.
Red forbids or stopped. emergency stop handle or button on the machines, vehicles, and touches parts of color.
Blue indicates instructions or rules that must be followed. Such as transportation vehicles driving direction on the flag color.
Yellow means caution and attention. Dangerous equipment such as the factory or pit around the perimeter of the flag color.
Green tips or traffic. Prompt security doors and secure channel logo color.
Sometimes two-colored stripes of the eye-catching signs. Red, white stripe across (paint the fence on the road). Yellow and black stripes, said a warning of danger (hook slide frame, etc).
Crane safety signs are divided into prohibition signs, warning signs, direction signs and signs erected in class 4.
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