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Common lifting equipment-lifting mast

Lifting mast pole Derrick also said, is a simple lifting. Often used in lifting it lifting, or installing equipment. Construction in some occasions, due to the narrow construction site, a large crane is inconvenient to enter the construction site operations. Lack of other construction machinery or construction site, or not much due to the lifting effort, other large lifting equipment is not economic, use lifting masts can fill a large lifting equipment cost, lack of mobility faults. Meanwhile, mast make a user-friendly installation and removal easy, weight is relatively large, and the installation location requirements is not high. Therefore, lifting mast has been widely used in the lifting operation.
At the construction site, according to the size of the task, lifting work, conditions of the construction site, lifting weight size, the length of the construction period and other conditions, select a suitable lifting masts. Reasonable selection of lift masts can speed up the progress and reduce the cost.
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