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Lifting the second method--semi-mechanized lifting

Using sliding EMU, and hoist, and mast type crane to lifting equipment, its mechanized degree on was reduced, it cannot while in space completed three a direction of any mobile, most only do in a vertical surface within any mobile or only do vertical mobile, this lifting method, in tool of prepared, and transport installation and demolition Shang, need consumption many of labor, sometimes even accounted for to whole lifting by need labor of 80% above, completed lifting work main by manual operation, that is in lifting by needed labor total in the , Hand to pre-empt most, therefore, we call this method of lifting a semi-mechanized method of lifting.
In construction, such as roads, power plants, mining, construction and other projects, due to poor environmental conditions, high mountains and steep slopes, ditches deep river width, space narrower, duration and lifting capacity constraints, so semi-mechanized installation method is still widely used.
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