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Shanghai Johnson hoisting co specializes in lifting operations, large-scale equipment hoisting, container stuffing, cutting boxes, containers, plant equipment relocation. Has 8 tons, and 12 tons, and 16 tons, and 20 tons, and 25 tons, and 35 tons, and 50 tons, and 80 tons, and 100 tons, and 200 tons of the model crane rental, another distribution has 1 tons, and 2 tons, and 3 tons, and 5 tons, and 10 tons forklift rental, another has 1 tons, and 2 tons, and 3 tons hydraulic car, Shanghai lifting, and Shanghai lifting company, and Shanghai lifting lifting, and Shanghai sofa lifting, and Shanghai equipment handling lifting, and lifting company, and lifting lifting, and sofa lifting, and equipment handling lifting, can for customer provides lifting project in the of the service. Experience rich, company more than 10 years of development has has a senior work experience of lifting workers, everyone holds Shanghai City labor issued of special job operation card outside, also participate in professional training and quality education, can solution lifting in the appeared of various problem lifting installation, machine handling, and elevator lifting, and boiler lifting, and air conditioning lifting, and large handling, and plant lifting, and lane installation, and plant demolition, and bridge erection, and machine handling, and engineering building, and lifting lifting, and large transport, and handling in place, and Crane Rentals specializes in industrial moving, equipment, hoisting, lifting, road positioning, inside and outside the city transportation. Hanging chains.
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